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Australian Psychological Society fact sheet on Medicare rebates

Australian Psychological Society (APS)

BETTER HEALTH CHANNEL - To ask questions online or read more about health issues in general.

HEADSPACE - Services are tailored for young people aged between 12 to 25. Also you can read about a range of different programs that can help you.

ADAVIC - A not-for-profit, self-funded organisation offering support and encouragement to individuals suffering from anxiety and mood disorders. The ADAVIC site provides fact sheets, articles, true stories and links to useful websites.

ARCVIC - For telephone counselling, support, information and referral advice on anxiety related issues.

GRIEFLINE - A grief helpline service that provides counselling support services free of charge to individuals and families.

BEYOND BLUE - Provides resources for those affected by depression and/ or anxiety.

GUIDE TO PARENTING RESOURCES - 50 high-quality and informative parenting resources for children ages 0 to 18


Anxiety BC - Produces many helpful brochures about anxiety disorders.

Getselfhelp - Has a wide range of resources on various issues.

The Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) - Provides information-packages for different problem types.


LIFELINE - Crisis support and suicide prevention. 13 11 14

MENSLINE - Confidential male friendly counselling.1300 789 978

WOMEN'S SUPPORT LINE - Confidential female friendly counselling.1300 134 130

DIRECT LINE - Confidential counselling and support relating to drug and alcohol issues. 1800 888 236

KIDS HELPLINE - Telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25. 1800 55 1800


TED TALKS - Has many inspiring and fascinating talks.

SHRINK RAP RADIO - A psychology podcast series on many issues related to mental health and therapy.

ALL IN THE MIND - Is an ABC radio program about the brain and behavior, and other related interesting topics.