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We are absolutely passionate about working with people! Therapy is a fascinating process - getting to know clients and see their strengths and struggles. We are helping our clients to see their strengths, understand themselves better, be more compassionate towards themselves, and be less reactive and more aware of their inner experiences, reactions, and their surroundings.

Dr Alla Demutska

Alla is an experienced clinical psychologist who can help you improve your psychological health and general wellbeing. Alla is committed to delivering the best quality care. She tailors her approach to each client's individual goals and needs. She uses evidence-based intervention to achieve the best outcomes.

She has experience treating a wide range of psychological problems in both private and public settings. In addition to her private practice work, Alla is co-facilitating inpatient schema therapy groups at the Victoria Clinic (private psychiatric hospital). Alla also worked at the Melbourne Clinic where she was involved in providing individual and group-based therapy using a range of evidence-based interventions including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and schema therapy.

Alla completed her undergraduate training in psychology at the University of Melbourne, and her doctoral training in clinical psychology at Monash University.

She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA), and is endorsed for the practice of clinical psychology by the Psychology Board of Australia.

She also values learning and prides herself on staying up-to-date with the current body of knowledge. Alla attends regular professional development. For example in the past year, she attended various workshops and seminars on topics such as trauma treatment, advanced schema therapy, group schema therapy, and neurobiological approaches to treatment.

Alla is a warm, open-minded and non-judgmental person, and is sincerely interested in her clients and working with them on their growth. She is transparent and honest with her clients and values good working relationships. Alla also has a Linguistics Degree and worked as a journalist and lecturer before becoming a clinical psychologist.

Jodie Leigh Cicaji

Jodie is an experienced and caring psychologist with a warm and client-centered interpersonal style. She supports clients to explore and understand new ways to work through their personal challenges in a collaborative, holistic and solution-focused manner.

With a background in Educational psychology, psychotherapy and classical yoga, Jodie works with modalities that best suit client needs and preferred learning styles. Jodie has had extensive training in Mindfulness-Based therapies, Emotion-Focussed therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural therapy and Expressive Therapy.

Jodie sees younger and older adults, as well as children and adolescents. She has experience in working in various settings in both the Private and Public sectors, including schools, the university and TAFE system, and private practice.

She provides treatment for concerns with:
-Anxiety, worry and panic
-Chronic stress, burn out and lethargy
-Adjustment to life changes and transitions
-Grief and loss, existential issues, and the transpersonal
-Study, learning and academic progress concerns

Jodie is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a Clinical Supervisor of trainee psychologists. She is able to provide rebates with a GP-endorsed Mental Health Care Plan.